Bluestore API Overview

Our API allows external access to business and transaction data so that you can connect your own external systems and increase your productivity with Bluestore.

Use of the API requires programming knowledge in order to POST and GET data - this data can then be used as needed by your other systems such as accounting or e-commerce.

The API uses a REST-based approach, building a URL in order to return or post XML data embedded in the request.

Security of the request is managed by wrapping your request with OAuth security parameters, including an API key and token generated from within your Bluestore Live enterprise console. This ensures that only someone with access to your enterprise console can get and post data to the account (more general information on OAuth is available at

Please read the Authentication section first, in order to understand how to use the OAuth wrapper in your requests. The reference articles then describe the structure of each API call and expected response.

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