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 URL  https://{bluehub_host}:{rest_api_port}/rest/category/
 Headers Supported  Accept: application/xml or Accept: application/json
 Authentication: OAuth...
 Methods Supported   GET
 Description  Retrieve Bluestore Product Categories


GET Categories

HTTP response codes:

 Success HTTP Status Code  200 OK
 Not Found HTTP Status Code  204 No Content
 Parameter 'where' has incorrect query  400 Bad Request
 OAuth Authentication HTTP error codes  401 Not Authorised


Optional parameters :

WHERE Filter by:
  • code
  • POSButton (true or false)
  • language

  • version
  • deleted (true or false)
Example: wherecode=1 or code=2


Operators Allowed in the WHERE Clause

With the WHERE clause, the following operators can be used:


= Equal
<> Not equal
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Greater than or equal
<= Less than or equal
LIKE Search for a pattern


Example response for GET Categories
A successful request will return one or more categories.

Example 1 (XML):
Get category where code is 15


Accept: application/xml
Authorization: OAuth...


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <POSButton>true</POSButton>         <descriptions>
            <description lang="en">Books</description>
        </descriptions> <deleted>false</deleted> <version>1</version>     </category> </categoryData>
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