Cardholder Not Present Transactions

When using the integrated card payments with a Yespay/Worldpay account, here's how to set up cardholder not present payment method:

To use cardholder not present transactions - create a new 'CNP' card payment method in the web console and set the Cardholder Not Present tick box.

Restart the POS, the new payment method button will appear on the payment screen which, when pressed will call the EasyV software telling it we are doing a CNP transaction.

If a customer is added to the sale in Bluestore then it will pass the first line of the address and postcode to the Yespay software so it is pre-filled in the card entry pop up. In the EasyV configuration you can set whether address verification is mandatory or optional.
If  no customer has been assigned to the sale then those boxes will be empty but if address verification is optional then you can leave them blank.
Enter the card details on the EasyV card pop up window.

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