Controlling the Frequency of the Store Heartbeat

Controlling the Frequency of the Store Heartbeat

The Store Heartbeat is a small data pulse sent periodically to the cloud to let it know that the client is still alive. The heartbeat controls the terminal online/offline indicator and the console dashboard. It also lets the hub know it is available to receive business data updates.

The data packet for the heartbeat is around 32k and it is sent while the POS application is running. The default heartbeat interval is 3 seconds so even the tiny pulse of data will end up sending a few gb per week from the terminal machine to the cloud if the POS application is running 24hrs per day. 

It is possible to control the frequency of the heartbeat which will in turn affect the amount of data flow to the cloud. This may be useful for fine tuning e.g. if your broadband contract contains restrictions on the monthly data usage.

To change the heartbeat frequency:

Close the application and open the following file in notepad or other text editor:
C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Bluefish Retail\Bluestore Live POS\config\
Change the HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL by increasing the number of seconds up to a maximum of 30 then save the file and restart the application.


Please Note: The MAX_COMA_PERIOD is a remote setting that controls the length of time before the hub detects that the store is no longer alive. Please ensure that you don't set the HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL to more than about 30 seconds or the MAX_COMA_PERIOD will be exceeded and your store will stop communicating with the hub. 
Limiting the frequency of the HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL could cause intermittent dropping of connections to the cloud if your internet connection speed is slow or variable so it is worth experimenting with different values to make sure you don't adversely affect the performance of your POS terminal.
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