Uninstall Bluestore Live POS

Uninstall on Windows

To uninstall the POS front end terminal, open up the windows control panel and select Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP).

When the list of programs is populated, double click Bluestore Live POS to uninstall.

Note: During the uninstall the program will ask if you want to also remove data and settings. Click yes to reinstall everything from scratch or no if you are reinstalling the same store as before and you want to keep all the settings and data. It is not possible to install the POS for a different store without first removing all of the data and settings.

For reference, the Bluestore data and settings are held in the following location:

Windows 7 and Vista: C:\Users\<your user>\App Data\Roaming\Bluefish Retail 

Windows XP*: C:\Documents and Settings\<your user>\Application Data\Bluefish Retail

 * Note that on windows XP and Vista the ../Application Data/ directory is hidden by default so you may need to 'show hidden files and folders' from the windows explorer tools menu.

Uninstall on Apple Mac

To uninstall the POS front end terminal, simply drag the application to the trash.

Note: This only removes the program itself and keeps all of your data, settings and receipt templates intact in case you want to reinstall the application at any time. All of your data is held at:

<your user>/library/Bluestore Live POS/

This directory can be removed if you no longer wish to keep your data and settings.


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