Set the Terminal Layout for Your Screen Size

The terminal front end is designed to be used full screen, so that the user is not distracted by other windows, tabs or toolbars. This feature can be used, if required, to 'lock down' the terminal ensuring that the operator can only use the Bluestore Live terminal and no other applications on the machine.

Different screen layouts work best, depending on the size and resolution of your screen.

Use this function to change the layout to the one that suits your monitor best.

Set Screen Layout

On the POS terminal, navigate to Tools - Preferences and scroll down to the 'system' section.

Locate the entry for 'Layout'.



Select 'Layout' and click 'Change Option'. The layout selection dialogue will appear.


 Select the screen resolution, layout and whether the system should force the layout to fill the screen. This is useful if there is no specific layout for your screen resolution - in this case you can choose the closest and select 'full screen'.

We are working to add a greater range of screen sizes/resolutions and a selection of layouts. If you need something specific please get in touch to discuss.

Click 'ok' then 'save and exit'. The screen should then change to the newly selected layout.

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