Process a Drawer Pickup

With Bluestore Live, you are able to process a drawer pickup during a terminal session. This function is used when money will be removed from the drawer and, for example, banked or put into the store safe.

You can set up frequently used reasons in your web console to appear as buttons on your terminal. Learn how to set up Reasons here.

Navigate to Drawer / Pickup.

Select the first tender you are going to count and remove from the drawer.


Then select your Pickup reason.

pickupreason.pngEnter the total amount of the first tender you have removed.


Press Post.

If you have Pickup reports enabled in your preferences, you will, at this point, receive a printed receipt/report for this transaction to put into your drawer for your records. You will then be prompted to close the drawer.


If you have multiple tenders that need to be banked or picked up, repeat the process for each individual tender and amount.

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