Pay Money In & Out Of Your Cash Drawer

You may have occasions (which aren't sales), to pay money in and out of your cash drawer at certain points during your terminal sessions. It's a good idea to have documented "Reasons" of money in and out, so with Bluestore Live you can set up frequent reasons in your web console to appear as buttons on your terminal. Learn how to set up Paid in and Out Reasons here.


On your terminal, navigate to main menu button Drawer / Paid In or Paid Out.

Once you have selected either Paid In/Out, you  will receive a dialogue containing the reasons you have previously set up in your web console.


Choose the relevant reason and enter the amount to be paid in or out in the next dialogue.

paidoutmisc.pngPost this entry. If you have Paid In/Out reports enabled in your preferences, you will, at this point, receive a printed receipt/report for this transaction to put into your drawer for your records. You will then be prompted to close the drawer.



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