Find A Past Sale to Reprint Receipt or Post Void

Recall a past order or sale on your Bluestore Live terminal. You may want to reprint a receipt or completely void the whole transaction.

Currently, you can only find an order using the transaction number printed on the receipt next to the terminal number. The transaction number is made up of the store number, the terminal number and the sequential number of the transaction within the terminal.

When entering the sale to find ensure you enter it with the store and terminal number included e.g. 1.1.16.


On your terminal, navigate to Sell / Find Order. You will be presented with a dialogue to find the relevant order.

findorderdialogue.pngEnter the transaction number and press Ok.

You will be taken back to the main sales page with the recalled trnascation within the sales area.


Choose either Post Void or Reprint Receipt from button area.

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