Checking A Product Price

At any time, you can check the price of an item at your terminal.

1) Scanning an item, will display it in the main sales window area. Once the price has been viewed, the user can continue with the sale or press "Cancel" in order not to continue any further with that particular transaction.

2) Navigate to main graphical top icon "Sell", and use the sub menu button "Check Price"


Then find your product by either:

- Using the "Product Search" button, which will bring up a dialogue for you to enter the first three letters of your product. Items matching this selection will be automatically displayed in the dialogue window, along with their current price.



3) Use the category menus at the bottom of your terminal window to navigate to your chosen product for price check. The details of the product will appear in the main sales area, and the user can continue on with the transaction or choose to cancel if customer does not wish to proceed.

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