Park and Restore a Sale

With Bluestore Live, you have the ability to "park" a current sale at any time. This can be useful if, for example, the customer steps away form the till point to retrieve another item, or if a different user needs immediate access to the terminal.


In the top right hand corner of the sales area in your terminal is the "park" button. This allows you to put the sale on hold at any time during the transaction. The user prompt bar to the left will giice you instructions on what to do next.


Whilst this sale is parked, the rest of the terminal remains fully functioning. There is no limit to the number of transactions that can be parked at one time.

When you are ready to go back to the transaction, either to fulfil it or cancel it, navigate to graphical icon "Sell" and sub menu button "Restore Order".


The main sales window will display a list of parked sales for you to choose from. In order to find your particualr parked sale, you can look more closely at the items contained by toggling the  +/- below the main title bar. Products are listen in detail, along with the current total, and transaction date and time.


Click the button "Restore" - in the right main button area, and the user can continue with the sale as usual.

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