Configuring Multiple Terminals In-Store

Further to the store install guide (, there are a few network configuration settings that need to be made before the new terminal can be used.

The second till machine runs just the terminal application and is a slave of the first machine, so they both use the same store application and local database. This allows them to talk to one another and keep the store stock in sync. 

The full set up and configuration for a second terminal in the same store is as follows:

1) Create a second terminal for your store on the web console in the 'terminals' tab of the store maintenance window

2) On the second till machine, log on to the console and in stores/terminals select the store and hit download POS. Select 'additional terminal' in the wizard then select your new terminal from the dropdown and download/install the software. 

3) The first machine acts as the local server for your store, the second terminal is effectively just a slave. Both machines need to be connected to the same network, ensure you can ping between them i.e. they can 'see' each other over the local network. 

4) On the first/main machine, close down the Bluestore Live POS application and then run Bluestore Live Settings (all programs - Bluestore Live POS - Bluestore Live Settings). In there you can select the IP address that the main machine has on the network. It needs to be the network address not the local host address (i.e. not but the actual ip given to the machine to identify it on the network). 
You might want to ensure that this machine is always given the same ip on your network each time it starts up. 
The store application will listen for terminal connections on that ip address. 

4) MAC - Go to users/your user/library/Bluestore Live POS/config/ - open up this file in TextEdit.

Find this line:

BROKER_LISTENING_IP= and change to your machine ip address.

5) Start up the POS application on the main machine. It will now not find the store app (as the terminal is still trying to connect on so it will give you the option to enter the new ip address of the store app. Enter the ip address for the store and it will restart the terminal app - it should then connect and start up ok. If the store does not restart properly, force it to shut down by ending any java.exe processes in task manager. Then start up Bluestore Live POS again - this time it should start up and connect ok.

Ensure the main POS machine is running correctly before attempting to configure the second terminal.

6) Start up the POS software on the second machine, It will ask you for the ip address of the store server - enter the one that the main machine is listening on. 
it should then start up ok and work as a second terminal. 
It links directly to the first so that stock can still be kept up to date even if there is no external internet connection.

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