What will I need?

To Access Your Admin Console

To access your administrative console you need only an internet connection and a computer with a browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera will all work fine.

To Run Your Bluestore Live POS Terminal


The computer running the Bluestore POS terminal can be any reasonably recent PC or Apple Mac variant. It should have a minimum of 1GB of RAM, 40GB of disk space and a 1.8GHz processor (2GHz recommended) – well within the specification of all new machines. The faster the processor the better.

If you are intending to run multiple POS terminals in a single store then the main terminal should be a high spec machine as it controls all of the others. The secondary POS machines can be lower spec.

The software itself takes up very little room on your hard drive, however you need to ensure enough space is available to store products, prices and transactions so you can keep selling in the event of a fault with your internet connection.

Make sure there are enough free ports for the peripherals you intend to use. e.g. you may want a barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer and touch screen. Using the items sold in our store, you will need three free USB ports.

If you are using existing hardware, new peripherals will generally be USB but some older ones will use the serial port. The touch screen will use up one of your USB or serial ports as well as the usual monitor connection but the cash drawer will be connected directly to the printer so won't need a free port on the computer.

Almost all computers come with an inbuilt ethernet (network) port. This is the port used to connect your computer to the internet or to a local network – a good quality internet connection is required so that the terminal can communicate with your console and keep itself up to date. As well as the stand-alone option, it is possible to run a store with multiple terminals connected to a local network and the individual terminals can each be installed simply from the console.

Not many functions on the Bluestore POS require the use of a full keyboard but one can be used in addition to the touch screen if required.


Bluestore POS works best with a touch-screen. Using a touch-screen will make life easier for the operator and streamline your sales capture process.

It is also possible to use the software with a standard screen and mouse during testing or for sales environments where the fastest possible customer throughput is not a requirement.

Optimum screen layouts have been designed for 12" and 15" screens, selectable through the terminal preferences.

If different screen sizes are required, the display will still be usable in full-screen mode if the nearest optimal size is selected – please get in touch if you have any particular requirements in this area.

Receipt Printer

Bluestore can print receipts and reports to any local printer. A dedicated roll paper printer is best for customer receipts.

There are many different manufacturers of dedicated Point of Sale receipt printers, including Epson, Star Micronics, Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Bixolon Samsung and many others.

We also support JPOS/UPOS which is an industry standard set of retail hardware drivers. These drivers allow direct communication with the printer rather than via a windows or mac driver, giving slightly faster printer and use of the internal printer fonts.

For printers sold through our online store we have full step-by-step setup instructions in our knowledgebase.

Label Printer

Bluestore can print product and shelf edge labels direct from the POS to a label printer installed as a local device.

The labels are configurable and can include a barcode in EAN, UPC, Code39 and other formats.

Barcode Scanner

It is possible to run the terminal without using barcodes – products can be selected using the graphical display or via the description search. However, if a reasonable customer throughput is expected then using a barcode scanner is essential.

The vast majority of scanners will work fine with Bluestore, the main difference being the method of connection to the computer. A ‘keyboard wedge’ scanner connects between the keyboard and the computer – the scanned barcode is converted into keystrokes as if they had been typed on the keyboard. Most other scanners connect via the serial or USB ports. If buying a new scanner then USB is recommended and they will generally work straight away when they are plugged in with no additional setup needed.

For scanners sold in our store, there are step-by-step instructions on installation and set up.

Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is critical to securely hold your cash, cheques, vouchers and credit card slips. It is opened automatically by Bluestore POS only when required at the end of a sale, for pickups, float entry and for end-of-day reconciliation.

Bluestore Live supports cash drawers that are connected to the receipt printer. When the cash drawer is to be opened, Bluestore Live sends a signal to the printer to open the drawer. Ensure you have the correct cable to connect your drawer and printer as the connections vary by manufacturer.

Credit Card Processing with Chip and Pin

When the customer pays with a credit card for a sales transaction, Bluestore will guide the operator through the process with on-screen prompts. Bluestore Live supports 'bank owned' terminals that communicate directly with the bank or payment bureau with the user entering the amount after being prompted on screen.

We also operate with Yespay / Worldpay http://www.yes-pay.com/ to offer a fully integrated chip and pin solution. A Yespay configured terminal (available in our online store) is required along with a merchant account and Yespay / Worldpay merchant contract. We can arrange sign up on your behalf.



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