Install a Terminal on Windows

Quick Start Instructions for Windows

(For detailed information on how to set up multiple stores & terminals, scroll down to the next section and read the configuration guide

To test the POS front end terminal with the sample data delivered with evaluation accounts, download it to your local machine. For test purposes it can be freely used without any additional hardware such as receipt printer, scanner etc.

1. Sign on to your enterprise console.

2. Navigate to Stores → Stores & POS Terminals where you'll see the sample 'Demo' store.

3. Click on the orange 'Download Bluestore POS' button to start the download wizard.


4. Select 'Windows' as the operating system of your machine.

5. Copy and paste the key in the orange box to your local text pad or other text document, for use during the install process.


6. Click the green 'Download' button.

7.  The Bluestore Live POS Setup.exe file will then be downloaded to your machine. Once the download is complete, double click this file and press the 'Run' button when prompted.

The installer wizard will start. Click through the screens leaving the default options set unless you have a reason to change them. Click ok on the last screen to end the install.

8. Locate the newly installed 'Bluestore Live POS' application and start it up. When the terminal screen is displayed you will see a 'getting store data' message for a while (this happens only on first start up). Please be patient for a few minutes, the POS terminal is initialising itself with your enterprise data from the cloud.

If you see the 'Getting Store Data...' message for more than a few minutes and the connection light doesn't go green then the terminal is having trouble connecting to the server. This means that either your internet connection is down or it is blocked by your anti-virus/firewall. Please check your firewall settings to allow the Bluestore Live application to connect (Bluestore uses port 61617 so you may need to open this port if your firewall restricts data flow by port number).

9. Once the 'User Sign In' dialogue is displayed we are ready to start using the terminal. Click the 'users' button and select sample user 'Jane Smith'. Passcode is 12345. This user has role 'store manager' so is authorised to open the terminal. The sample 'Joe Bloggs' user has role 'operator' so cannot use the terminal until a manager has gone through the 'open terminal' process and entered a float amount.

10. Once logged in as a store manager, press 'open terminal' and start creating transactions.

See Learning About Your Terminal for an introduction to using the POS terminal.


Further Information About Multiple Stores & Terminals

With Bluestore Live, you can install a terminal on to any one of your store machines, downloaded directly from the console over the internet. When you first get started, Bluestore is already set up with one demo store and one terminal, so all you have to do is use the above guide to download that terminal to your local machine.

Once you've got going, you might want to add a further terminal to your first store or to any new stores you create.

Let's take a look at how stores and terminals are administered.

1. Sign on to your enterprise console.

2. Navigate to Stores → Stores & POS Terminals and double click on the sample 'Demo' store.


This will bring up the dialogue which contains information about that particular store, as well as the terminals associated with it (under the 'Terminals' tab). 

3. Under the 'Terminals' tab you'll see 'Terminal 1' - which is the terminal already set up as standard. If you need to add a new terminal, click on the '+' button in the toolbar and fill in the name of your new terminal. Here, we've called it 'Terminal 2'.


4. Press 'Save' and now Demo Store has two terminals associated with it. So let's install that second terminal on your second machine in your store.

5. Making sure you are using the machine you want to install the further terminal onto, navigate to or stay on the Stores & POS Terminals page, and with Demo Store highlighted, click the orange 'Download Bluestore POS' button.


6. Highlight the 'For an additional terminal' radio button and click 'Next'.

7. Choose your newly added terminal from the drop down list.


8. Select 'Windows' as the operating system of your machine.

9. Copy and paste the key in the orange box to your local text pad or other text document, for use during the install process.

6. Click the green 'Download' button and follow the quick start instructions above for installing on your machine.


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