Major Release 0.5.3

New release: Thursday 14th April at 4am UTC/GMT (5am BST, 11pm EST, 8pm PST). 
The back office will be offline for a maximum of 2 hours, but front end POS terminals will continue to work during this time.

This is a major internal upgrade to our beta product so additional steps are required in order to upgrade your terminal before it can be used with the newest version. 
Upgrade is mandatory to ensure continuity of service but won't take long and will not affect your data.

To perform the upgrade after Thurs 14th April 6am GMT / 7am BST / 8pm PST:

(note that the upgrade won't overwrite any custom layouts or receipt templates but if you have changed any of the default ones they will be overwritten so please move your changes to new custom files instead).

1. Finalise / reconcile any open session and close the Bluestore Live POS terminal application. 

2. Open 'Bluestore Settings' (on windows click start - all programs - Bluestore Live POS - Bluestore Settings). 
3. Click 'Refresh Store Data' and confirm. 
4. Start the Bluestore Live POS application - during startup it will detect that a new version is available and download it automatically. 
5. Click through the install as usual and the store will start up. It will refresh your local database from the remote hub then start up as normal.

If you have any problems please create a support ticket - we will be on hand to respond quickly to any upgade issues.

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