Get Started with Bluestore

Once you've signed up to a Bluestore Live evaluation, you will receive your new enterprise details by email.

1) Your own secure url to your enterprise web console

2)  Your login details - username and password (you can change these later yourself.)

Sign in to your enterprise console and navigate through the different menu options, exploring the sample data. To change an entry double-click on it and an edit dialogue will be displayed.

For more detail on the enterprise console see Learning About Your Web Console and the in-depth Console Tutorials.

To test the front end POS terminal you will need to download and install the sample store/terminal delivered with the evaluation account. The POS terminal communicates directly with your enterprise console, keeping it up to date in real time. We use a front end application rather than just a browser as we want to deliver the most resilient and secure environment for your store operators that won't be affected by any drop-outs or speed fluctuations with your broadband connection.

How to Install a Terminal on Windows or Mac/Linux will walk you through downloading the POS front end.

For more detail on using the POS terminal see Learning About Your Terminal and the more in-depth Terminal Tutorials.

We love feedback (good and bad!) so if you have any questions or comments then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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