Add a New Product

Before you begin adding your products, there are a number of associated attributes that you will need to define first:

Product Categories - Learn how to add a new category.

Units of Measure - Learn how to add units of measure.

In your web console, navigate to the main menu item 'Products', and then to the drop down menu item 'Products'.

On this page you'll see a list of products with their associated categories, tax classes etc.

Navigate to "Create" in the title bar, and this will bring up a new dialogue box for you to create your new product.


Note - checkboxes "Active" and "Saleable" must be checked to enable your product to be seen and sold in the terminals.


 Product Type

 Set your product type. The options are:

- Service

- Standard

- Voucher


Add the name of the product.

This product name will be shown to the users of your terminals, so it needs to be specific. For example, if you carry baked beans 200g and also baked beans 500g, you would need to add these products individually with individual names.


General Settings Tab

 Product Category

Add your new product to it's appropriate category. (Categories have to be added first.)

Tax Class

Set your individual product's tax class. These are defined by the country of your enterprise.

Unit of Measure

Select the appropriate unit of measure for your new product.

Checkbox - Active

*Enable this box to allow your product to be shown in your terminal.*

Checkbox - Saleable

*Enable this box to allow your product to be sold.*

 Checkbox - Returnable

Enable this box to allow returns of this product.

Checkbox - Request Price

Enabling this box allows the terminal to request a price for this product each time it is sold. Operator manually inputs price.

Checkbox - Discount Allowed

Enable this box to allow your product to have a discount associated with it. This can be changed at any time.

Checkbox - Request Quantity

Enabling this box allows the terminal operator to request a quantity for this product each time it is sold. Operator manually inputs quantity


Allows an age restriction to be placed on the sale of the product. Tick checkbox and enter age in field.


Barcodes Tab

Using the "+" button, enter the product barcode as a number without spaces. This can be scanned or entered manually.



 Press Ok.

Prices Tab



Enter the sales price of the product and the unit of measure. When the product is saved, the price is added to the default price list for your enterprise.

 Save your new product.





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