Terminal Preferences

You can configure many of the terminal functions directly from the Tools / Preferences area on the terminal itself.

1) Sales

- Allow admin to see all parked orders - Default No

Enables a Store Manager to see the parked order of all other users.

- Auto post transaction - Default Yes

By default, transactions are automatically posted once tender is received. If set to No, the user will see a Post button which will need to be manually pressed to complete the sale. 

- Cancel parked orders on terminal close - Default Yes

At the end of a terminal session (after reconciliation and close down), all parked orders will be cancelled if set to Yes.

- Max item quantity - Default 9999

Set the maximum number of line items enabled in a sale.

- Max price override percentage - Default 10.0

Set the maimum percentage of price override for either increase or decrease of original product price.

- Minimum quantity interval - Default 1.0

Set as default to 1 to limit the quantity integers.

- Print sales receipt - Default No

When set to Yes, terminal automatically prints sales receipt (if hardware configured) on posted sale.

- Print sales receipt only on request - Default Yes

 With default Yes setting, users will be prompted to request a printed receipt after posted sale, before the end of the transaction.

- Show parked orders for this terminal only - Default No

When set to Yes, admin users wil be able to view parked orders from all linked store terminals.


2) Stock

- Delivery number on stock receive required? - Default Yes

If using the terminal to input a stock delivery, you have the option to record a delivery number.

- Min delivery number length - Default 1

Set the minimum length of your stock delivery reference.

- Print on stock receive - Default Yes

Automatically prints a log (in receipt form) of the stock input.

- Print stock count receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a log (in receipt form) when stock count function has been performed.

- Print write off receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a receipt when write off function has been performed.

- Print write on receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a receipt when write on function has been performed.

3) Drawer

- Float amount required - Default Yes

Ensures a float amount must be entered at the beginning of a terminal session.

- Print drawer reconcilliation report - Default Yes

Automatically prints a report (in receipt form) when reconciliation has been performed at the end of a session.

- Print paid in receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a receipt when paid in function has been performed.

- Print paid out receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a receipt when paid out function has been performed.

- Print pickup receipt - Default Yes

Automatically prints a receipt when pickup function has been performed.

- Print till status report - Default Yes

Automatically prints a report (in receipt form) when till status report is requested.

4) Voucher

- Accept unknown voucher - Default No

To accept a voucher that has not yet been added as a tender type in your console, this would need to be set to Yes.

- Max voucher number length - Default 20

If you maintain a database of serial numbers for your vouchers, you can set the maximum amount of numbers the terminal will accept.

- Min voucher number length - Default 5

Set the minimum amount of characters required for voucher serial number.

- Voucher number required - Default Yes

To accept a voucher without a serial number, this should be set to No.


5) Timekeeping

- Timekeeping report data format - Default dd/MM/yy HH:mm

Set your preferred format for time and dates.

6) System

- Allow user selection on login - Default Yes

This setting enables the graphical selection tool to choose from users at the login dialogue screen.

- Layout - Default 1024x768_default,false

Depending on the size of your screen, you can choose which terminal layout works best for you. A lerger screen setting will enable you to see more product categories and tools at once without scrolling. You'll also have the option to force the terminal to expand to full screen.

- Locale - Default en

Set the default language of your terminal. General language settings can be managed through your web console.

- Log printed documents - Default Yes

Reports printed from your terminal are by default set to be recorded in your console transaction logs. you can change this setting to No if you do not require them to be shown.

- Only admin turn off - Default Yes

By default, only users with Store Manager privileges can end a terminal session.

- Open store and terminal together - Default Yes

If your store server and terminal are present on the same machine this should be left set to the default Yes. If you are running multiple terminals this can be changed to No.

- Terminal lock delay - Default 30 minutes

Set your preferred length of time before the terminal automatically locks.

- Transaction date/time format - Default dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss

Set your preferred format for time and dates recorded for transactions.

- Use category images - Default No

You have the option to display your products categories with graphical icons.

- Use new sale button - Default Yes

Enabled by default to start a new sale via the menu area. If disabled, products can be scanned to start a sale, or, products can be added to the sale area by using the product category buttons along the bottom of your terminal.

- Use product images - Default No

You can choose to display your products with graphical icons or pictures instead of buttons with text.

7) Label Printing

- Label print during sale - Default No

Bluestore Live allows you to print labels for products that require some configuration or assembly to complete the sales process. Set label printing to Yes to enable this function.

8) Receipts Printing

- Drawer Template - Default drawerChangesReceipt.vm

- Label Template - Default default.vm

- Reconcile Template - Default reconcileDrawerReport.vm

- Sale Template - saleReceipt.vm

- Stock template - stockMovementsReceipt.vm

- Test Template - Default testReceipt.vm

- Till Staus Template - Default tillStatusReport.vm




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