Starting and Ending a New Session

At the beginning of each terminal session, and directly after logging in, you will need to open the terminal using the "open terminal" button in the main button area. You will be asked for the float amount totalled and cashed into the drawer. Once this has been entered into the dialogue box, the session has started and your terminal will be shown as open in the bottom user panel - and also on the monitoring page in your web console.

terminalopen.pngWhen your terminal is showing as open, you can start using all of it's functions freely.

At the end of your terminal session - usually the end of your selling day, the terminal must be reconciled - just like any cash drawer - in order to close the terminal down and end the session completely.

Reconciliation can only be performed by a user with Store Manager privileges - as the "Drawer" icon is only visible to them.


Navigate to the "Drawer" icon and it's sub menu item "Reconcile Drawer".


You'll then be prompted to count the contents of the drawer, then press the "Reconcile" button.

reconcilebutton.pngEnter the amount you have counted and press the "Post" button to complete.

The main sales area will show a reconciliation report detailing any discrepancies. You can choose to automatically print this report from the Tools/Preferences Panel.

reconciledetails.pngOnly once these stages have been completed, will you be able to shutdown the terminal completely.



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