Web Console Overview

The web console is the central component of Bluestore Live, allowing you to manage your business data, monitor your stores and report on sales and stock.

Once you have been given an admin logon to your Bluestore Live account, you can use it to browse the available features and install a test Point of Sale terminal. This and the following articles will give you a basic understanding of how Bluestore Live works and take you through the screen layout and navigation needed to get up and running.

The simplest way to test the system is to use the sample data that comes with a new account - providing you selected that option during sign up. If not, then the basic data for products, prices, taxes etc must be maintained before creating and installing your first terminal.

The 'getting started' articles assume the sample data is available. Refer to the more in-depth articles in 'knowledge base' to discover how to maintain all of the various data and configuration elements in the web console.

After logging in to the Bluestore Live web console, your Dashboard is displayed.


 The Dashboard provides you with important "at a glance" information surrounding sales and stores. A summary of the transactions taken place that day is provided by "Today's Summary". Sales are shown in graphical format for the last 24 hours and for the last 12 months, and "Last 14 days' Receipts" gives a listed overview of average sales. Also available for quick view is the current live status of each of your stores and terminals. Each one shows the connection status, whether offline, connected or open. An 'opened' terminal indicates that a session has started and the store is trading.

The main menu is split into 5 sections:
Dashboard - The front page of your console, as described above.
Products - Maintenance of data related to day-to-day operations e.g. products, prices, discounts.

Stores - Maintenance of your stores and related terminals.

Settings - Maintenance of system settings and data that doesn't change often e.g. users, stores and tax rates.
Import & Export Data - Import and export data in Excel, comma separated or xml format.

Reporting - Run reports on sales and stock in real time from your stores.


The logout button top right closes the users Bluestore Live session.

The Help button gives a constant link to all support topics on this site as well as "top tips" for the section you are navigating. (These can be turned off at anytime using the checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up.)


In the bottom status bar, the company name is displayed, followed by the user code and name.


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