Managing Promotions

Bluestore Promotions

Bluestore allows the creation of automatic discounts and promotions that are applied to a sale if the conditions have been met by the customer buying a certain combination of products or spending an amount of money.

A promotion in Bluestore is made up of three elements:

- the stores in which the promotion will apply

- the 'trigger' i.e. what the customer needs to buy in order for the promotion to be applied

- the 'benefit' i.e. what the customer gets in return

Creating a Promotion

In the web console, navigate to the promotions maintenance screen by selecting Products then Promotions from the main menu.

The maintenance screen lists the promotions currently available; to start with it will be empty until new promotions are created. Click the 'Create'button to add a new promotion.

The create promotion screen will be displayed - enter the details of the new promotion for your enterprise. An example is shown below:


Changes to promotions are passed down to the terminal and will apply according to the rules defined in the console set up.


Promotion Applied During the Sale

In order for promotions to be applied, the Terminal Preference 'Promotions Enabled' must be set to 'yes'.


If promotions are not used in your business, set the preference to 'no' and the promotion checks will be bypassed during the sale.

When the conditions of the promotion are met, the benefit will be applied automatically:




Note that one promotion can be applied to a sale - if multiple different promotions are valid within the sale the system will pick the one with the biggest benefit for the customer.




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