Suppliers and cost pricing

Suppliers and cost prices are administered together. First you'll need to add some suppliers.

Within your console, go to Products/Suppliers/Maintain Suppliers.

Press Create button and  fill in the details of the Create Supplier dialogue.

Once you have added all your suppliers, go to Products/Suppliers/Assign Products.

Press the orange Select Supplier button and you'll see the Select Supplier dialogue appear.

If you know the supplier code (Products/Suppliers/Maintain Suppliers - the first column for each record) then enter it in the top left field. If not, then press the search button and you'll see all your suppliers appear on the right hand side. Highlight the supplier you want to select and then press the green Select button.

You'll be taken back to the Assign Products page and you'll see your  selected supplier in the toolbar. 

Press the Add Products button and choose any of the fields on the left to filter the products you want to see. If you leave them all blank and just press Search, you'll see all your products appear on the right. You can then select or multi select the product/s you want to assign to the current supplier. Press the green Add button and you'll be taken back to the Assign Products page where you'll see your chosen products listed (with the chosen supplier still active in the toolbar).

Under the column Cost, you can place your cursor and select the empty space and a field will appear for you to enter the cost of this product against this particular supplier. Save Changes.

You can see the Cost Price History by double clicking on any record/row.


Cost Prices can be imported using the Product Cost Import Template found on our website here - but suppliers need to be created first.

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