Add A Voucher

Bluestore Live has the ability to easily sell and accept vouchers as tender.


In order to sell vouchers:

You'll first need to set up your voucher as a new product. You can learn how to set up new products with this tutorial.


1) Name

Enter the name of your voucher, for example £5 Gift Voucher

This product name will be shown to the users of your terminals, so it needs to be specific with the ability to be differentiated between other vouchers.

2) Tax Class

Set your voucher's tax class. These are defined by the country of your enterprise.

3) Product Category

Choose Voucher.

4) Product Type

Select Voucher as your product  type.

5) Unit of Measure

Select Each as your unit of measure.

6) Checkbox - Saleable

*Enable this box to allow your voucher to be sold.*

7) Checkbox - Returnable

Enable this box to allow returns of the voucher.

8) Checkbox - Request Price

Leave this unticked unless you want to enable the operator to change the price at point of sale.

9) Checkbox - Discount Allowed

Enable this box to allow your voucher to have a discount associated with it. This can be changed at any time.

10) Checkbox - Active

*Enable this box to allow your voucher to be shown in your terminal.*


 Save your new voucher.


Once you have set your voucher up as a saleable new product, you'll also need to be able to accept the voucher as a tender once it is redeemed.

In order to accept vouchers:

You can learn how to create a new payment method in this tutorial.


1) Tender Type

Choose the tender type Voucher.

2) Name

Enter a name for your new voucher. This will be shown on your terminals.

3) Checkbox - Use Local Currency

If enabled, your new voucher will by default use the currency you have already specified as local to your enterprise.

4) Checkbox - Manually Balanced

If enabled, your end of session terminal reconciliation will include this voucher.

5) Fixed Amount

Enter a fixed amount here for your voucher. For example, new tender is £20 voucher, enter 20.00

6) Currency Descriptor

If you have chosen not to enable the 'Use Local Currency' Checkbox, you can specify which currency you want your new voucher to use.

7) Checkbox - Display as Button

If enabled, the new voucher will display as a button on your terminal at the time of sale.

8) Voucher Number Range From

You can specify a range of numbers which will be allowed for sales on your terminals. Enter the starting number/s here.

9) Voucher Number Range To

Enter the end number/s here.


Press Save.


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