Exporting data to a file

How to export data from your Bluestore Live console to an external file.

Data can be exported in three formats: 

  • Excel spreadsheet .xls
  • Comma separated text file .csv
  • Extensible markup language file .xml

Log on to your enterprise web console and navigate to 'Import & Export Data' - 'Export'.

You;ll see two export panels. On the left is 'Export Transactions' panel. This gives you a POS summary from your chosen date range. Choose which format you would like to export the data to: xml, csv or xls.


The right hand panel gives further business data to export.

 Select the entity / data structures you wish to export by dragging them to the right hand side of the dialogue. Multiple entities can be selected by pressing ctrl while making your selection. It is also possible to select a block of entries by holding down shift while selecting the start and end of the block. All selected entries will be taken with you while you drag from left to right.

All entity descriptions are held in the 'message' table so it is possible to export/import descriptions in multiple languages.

Once the required data structures have been moved to the right side of the dialogue, select the data type you wish to export to. This can be excel format, comma separated (csv) or xml.




Press 'export' and your browser will take over the process of downloading the resulting file. Depending on your settings, the browser will ask you where to save the file or it will save it in your default location automatically.

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