Create A Stock Adjustment Reason


If you find yourself with recurrent stock adjustments, you can create a reason to show in your terminal and reports. For example, a regular delivery which store operators frequently process.

 In your web console, navigate to the main menu item 'Settings', and then to the drop down menu item 'Stock Adjustment Reason'.

On this page you'll see a list currently available.

Navigate to "Create" in the title bar, and this will bring up a new orange dialogue box for you to create your new stock operation reason.


1) Stock Operation

From the dropdown menu, choose the base reason as to why the cash drawer is being opened or closed. Your options are:

- Write on

- Write off

- Stock count

- Stock receive

- Discrepancy

- Sale

- Refund

2) Name

Name your new stock operation. This will be shown on your terminal and in reports.


Press Save.


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