Create a New Tax Region

Defines a geographical area with particular tax requirements. A Tax Area could be anything from a whole country to a postal/zip code.
These regions are enterprise specific so that each retailer can maintain the tax areas relevant to their business.

In your web console, navigate to the main menu item 'Settings', and then to the drop down menu item 'Tax Settings' - Sub Menu - 'Tax Regions'.

On this page you'll see a list currently available.

Navigate to "Create" in the title bar, and this will bring up a dialogue box for you to create your new tax region.


1) Code

Enter an abbreviated code for your new tax region. This will be shown in your reports.

2) Name

 Enter a name for your new tax region. This will be shown on your reports.

3) Parent

Select from the dropdown menu the relevant base country that will take the same tax rules for your geographical region.


Press Save.


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