Add a New Tax Class

Defines a grouping of products, stores or other characteristics that have the same tax attributes.
There are two tax class types currently supported, 'product' and 'store'. This allows both stores and products to be grouped for tax purposes.
Examples of product tax classes could be normal taxable items, food, children’s clothing, books.
Examples of store tax classes could be taxable stores, non-taxable airport stores, charity shops etc

In your web console, navigate to the main menu item 'Settings', and then to the drop down menu item 'Tax Settings' - Sub Menu - 'Tax Classes'.

On this page you'll see a list currently available.

Navigate to "Create" in the title bar, and this will bring up a dialogue box for you to create your new tax class.


1) Code

Enter an abbreviated code for your new tax class. This will be shown in your reports.

2) Tax Class Type

 Select whether your new tax class will be attributed to a whole store or to individual products.

3) Name

Enter a name for your new tax class.


Press Save.

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