Add a New Payment Method


In your web console, navigate to the main menu item 'Settings', and then to the drop down menu item 'Payments Methods'.

On this page you'll see a list currently available.

Navigate to "Create" in the title bar, and this will bring up a dialogue box for you to create your new tender.


1) Tender Type

Choose the tender type that relates best to your new tender. Your options are:

- Voucher

- Cash

- Card

2) Name

Enter a name for your new tender. This will be shown on your terminals. 

3) Checkbox - Use Local Currency

If enabled, your new tender will by default use the currency you have already specified as local to your enterprise.

4) Checkbox - Manually Balanced

If enabled, your end of session terminal reconciliation will include this tender.

5) Fixed Amount

Enter a fixed amount here for your tender. For example, new tender is £20 voucher, enter 20.00

6) Currency Descriptor

If you have chosen not to enable the 'Use Local Currency' Checkbox, you can specify which currency you want your new tender to use.

7) Checkbox - Display as Button

If enabled, the new tender will display as a button on your terminal at the time of sale.

8) Voucher Number Range From

If your new tender type is a voucher, you can specify a range of numbers which will be allowed for sales on your terminals. Enter the starting number/s here.

9) Voucher Number Range To

Enter the end number/s here if your new tender type is voucher.


Press Save.

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