Create a New User

Navigate to Settings - User Accounts to create a new user. The list of current users is displayed.

Click Create to open the dialogue for entry of new user details.


Full name - Example Joe Bloggs.

The Nick Name represents the 'user name' to be used when logging in. For example - Joe. Save the account and it appears in the list of current users for your enterprise.

Assign a role to allow the user access to the various functions of Bluestore Live.

Only an Enterprise Admin user has access to the web console. Store users should be assigned either an operator or manager role. The manager role includes all of the operator functions so there is no need to assign both.
It is best to separate web console and store users for added security. For store users, the password will be entered on the terminal front end so for practical reasons it should be limited to a short numeric sequence. More detail on password recommendations is available in the Users and Roles overview.

Click Remove to delete a user - alternatively untick the Active checkbox and the user account will remain but will be blocked from use until the flag is reset.

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