Setting up a Label Printer

Alongside receipt printing, you can also use any of your local printers for label printing.

On your terminal, when logged in as a manager, go to Tools/Hardware Configuration. Using the "Change Option" button, set enabled to "yes" and choose your printer model from the list. You can use the same or different printer to the one selected for your receipt printer.



Set the label printer to 'enabled'.

To test your label printer, go to Stock menu item. If your label printer has been correctly enabled, you will see "Print Labels" appear in this menu list (note the menu option will not be present if label printer is not enabled in hardware configuration).


Select a product/s to print either by search or by scanning the barcode and press Print Labels (product must have a barcode for label to print).

If using a standard local printer, the output of the barcode is that of a bitmap image, if you require a sharper barcode that will scan at smaller sizes then we'd suggest using a jpos driver.


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