Printing to Your Local Printer

Check your list of printers

- Windows: click devices and printers from the windows start menu (called 'printers and faxes' on windows XP).


- Mac: System Preferences- Print and Fax, check which printer is set as your default.

Any of the locally installed printers can be printed to, even if they are installed as a network printer. Before continuing, ensure you can print ok to your chosen receipt printer from other applications e.g. word, notepad or TextEdit.


Select the Printer in Bluestore Live

Open up the Bluestore Live POS terminal.

In the Bluestore Live POS Tools - Hardware Configuration, select 'model' under receipt printer then click the 'change option' button. 

A list of printers will pop-up, you should see your local printers, select the one you wish to use as your receipt printer by highlighting and clicking 'ok'.

The local printers appear first in the list. note that the printers with descriptions beginning 'JPOS' should only be selected if you are using JPOS drivers and have them already correctly installed.




After clicking ok the list of printers will be closed, now highlight 'enabled' under receipt printer and click the 'change option' button, then 'yes' to enable the printer.

Click 'Save & Exit' and then 'Test Printer' from the Tools menu. A test output should be directed to your local printer.

Your default printer could be a normal inkjet/laser printer or a dedicated receipt printer such as the Epson TM-T88V or Star TSP100 which will give much better results as the receipt is printed onto roll paper 8cm wide, rather than A4.

The printed output dimensions are set  by default to an appropriate receipt size. You can change these by going back to Hardware Configuration, select your receipt printer model and then click device properties button.



Change each value as required (by default they are appropriate for 80mm wide roll paper)



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