Using a Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner can be attached which will read a barcode label and search for the equivalent product in the database, making entering products into a sale much quicker. Barcode numbers can be assigned to each product in the console through the product edit window.

Bluestore Live POS listens for keyboard input when waiting for the user to select a product (so if the label is unreadable the operator can also type the barcode number in and press enter).

Most USB barcode scanners come set up in keyboard emulation mode which means whatever is scanned will appear to the operating system as if it has come from the keyboard. This means that you should be able to just plug in the USB scanner and it will immediately work with Bluestore Live POS.

Note: When using a scanner in keyboard emulation mode, the scanner device does not need to be enabled in Bluestore Live POS hardware configuration. 

If the scanner doesn't work, open up wordpad or other text editor/word processor and check to see if the barcode number appears when you scan a barcode. If it doesn't then the scanner is most likely not set up in keyboard emulation mode so consult the manufacturer's instructions as to how to set it up this way. Note that it should send a carriage return after the scanned number - if during your wordpad test the number is displayed but the cursor doesn't move to the next line then it could be that the scanner is just not sending a carriage return. That is normally a configurable parameter so check the scanner manufacturer's instructions.

It is also possible to connect to a barcode scanner with a JavaPOS driver - to use this approach please see the other articles in this section.

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