Setting up an Epson TM as a Windows Local Printer

To set up an Epson TM receipt printer as a local printer on windows, install the Epson Advanced Printer Driver, test it works and then assign it as the receipt printer in the POS hardware configuration.

To Install the Printer

Download the latest version of the 'Epson Advanced Printer Driver' for your TM printer model from here:

Run the .exe install file and go through the install wizard.

Click next past the welcome screen and accept the terms of the license agreement.

On the following screen, select 'minimum' to install the minimum required features.

Click next then on the 'printer configuration' screen click 'Add' to add a printer.



After pressing 'add' an 'add printer' dialogue will appear. Select your TM printer and tick 'set as default printer if this printer will be the default printer on the machine.




Click next, this will take you back to the printer configuration screen where you will now see your printer in the list.

Click next, review the settings then click next again - the installation will now begin.

Once the installation is complete, press 'finish' and the dialogue will close.

The printer is now installed so we just need to tell Bluestore Live POS to use it. 

Follow the instructions in Printing To Your Default Local Printer.



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