Install a Scanner - Honeywell Serial on Windows (JPOS)

This topic will show you how to install a serial barcode scanner from Metrologic (now Honeywell) on a Windows machine so that it can be used to scan products into the Bluestore Live POS terminal.

Honeywell serial scanners can be used with Bluestore Live by installing them with the JavaPOS driver that is intended for serial devices.

If there is already a Honeywell / Metrologic driver installed on your terminal machine, please uninstall it before attempting to install the JavaPOS driver. You must be logged in to Windows as an administrator.

With your terminal installed, but not running, follow the steps below to install the driver. Start with your scanner unplugged.


1. Download the JPOS driver

Visit the Honeywell support site for software downloads at:

Select your device from the drop down list to view the software and drivers compatible with your scanner. 

Select the 'JPOS driver' and download.

If this file is not available for your scanner then the following install instructions won't work - please contact Honeywell to discuss whether your device can be used with a JavaPOS (JPOS) driver.

Extract the contents of the downloaded Honeywell .zip driver file.


2. Locate your java installation directory

Locate the directory in which you have java installed, normally C:\Program Files\java\jre6 - this location will be referred to later in this topic as %JAVA_HOME%.


3. Install the JavaPOS driver

Locate the file honeywellJPOS.jar in the 'Driver' directory of the downloaded files.

Copy honeywellJPOS.jar to %JAVA_HOME%\lib\ext


4. Install javax.comm

JavaX is a java component that is used by the driver to communicate with the serial port. It is not installed by default with java so we need to install it now. It is included as part of the Honeywell JPOS download and the necessary files are located at ..\component\Windows\javaxcomm\windows

copy to %JAVA_HOME%\lib
copy comm.jar to %JAVA_HOME%\lib\ext
copy win32com.dll to C:\Windows\system32


5. Plug in the scanner

Connect the scanner to the serial port. Reboot the PC to ensure the scanner is picked up as connected.

Windows should detect the scanner correctly, assigning it a COM port. Check which com port has been assigned in device manager 'ports'. If you are unsure of how to do this, follow the topic 'configuring a serial device on windows'.

We need to ensure the serial scanner is set up to send barcode data in the right format and disable the sending of a carriage return / line feed after the data string. To do this print the document 'Set up Honeywell serial scanner' on the downloads page and scan the barcodes in sequence.


6. Select the scanner in Bluestore Live

Start the terminal, log in as a manager, and navigate to tools - hardware configuration




Highlight the 'model' under scanner and press 'Change Option'.

The list of supported scanners will be displayed. Select 'Honeywell/Metrologic serial scanner' and press ok.



Press 'device properties' and assign the COM port that your scanner is attached to, according to the settings in device manager (step 6 above).



Save the changes, enable the scanner and save the hardware settings.

Your scanner should now be ready to use. Scan a product barcode and, if there is a product in the database with a matching barcode, a sale transaction will be started and the product added to it.

Scanner the same barcode again will increase the quantity in the transaction.

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