Install a Cash Drawer Connected to a Printer

This topic shows you how to connect a cash drawer to Bluestore Live by triggering it to open from your receipt printer.

This method of connecting a cash drawer requires a receipt printer with a 'drawer kick' function, a cash drawer capable of being opened automatically and a cable to connect the two.


Your cash drawer manufacturer should provide the correct cable for your printer. The kick drawer socket may look the same between printers but they are often wired differently depending on the make of printer, so it is important to ensure the right drawer cable is used.


Firstly ensure that your receipt printer is installed, configured and that you can successfully print.

Turn the printer off and connect the cash drawer as per the printer and drawer manufacturers' instructions, before turning the printer back on again.

The drawer is 'kicked' from the Bluestore Live terminal by sending a command to the receipt printer telling it to open the drawer. The command is a group of characters (an escape sequence) which vary by manufacturer and sometimes by printer. We have listed some common escape sequences at the end of this topic which are useful to try if the default sequence is unsuccessful.

Start the terminal and navigate to the hardware configuration function within the tools menu.

Highlight 'cash drawer model' and press 'change option'.




Two options are available: OS Printer and JPOS printer controlled cash drawer. If your receipt printer is a locally installed windows/mac printer then select 'OS Printer'. If you are using the JPOS drivers to connect to your receipt printer then select 'JPOS Printer'.




Press 'Ok' to close the window.

To set the character sequence that will trigger the drawer to open, select the 'printer controlled cash drawer' device then click 'device properties'.

The escape sequence must be entered as decimal numbers separated by commas.

The sequence in the screenshot below is for an Epson TM-T88IV. If your printer is different then check the list of sequences at the end of this topic. We don't make any guarantees that these will work but they should be a good starting point, and one of them may work even if your printer is not listed. If the drawer is still not opening, then contact your printer manufacturer to get a definitive escape sequence for triggering the drawer kick mechanism.




Press Save to close the window then enable the cash drawer device and save/exit.

Test that the drawer opens by using the 'kick drawer' option in the drawer menu, or by creating a test drawer/sale transaction.


Common Escape Sequences for Triggering the Cash Drawer


Manufacturer Model Esc Sequence
Citizen iDP-33XX, 34XX 7
  Other 27,112,0,50,250
Dell T200 7


TM-T88III, U300, U375 27,112,0,25,250
  TM-T88IIIP, TM-T88IV 27,112,0,64,240
  TM-T88V (JPOS) 27,112,0,64,240,27,112,0
  TM-T88V (local printer) 27,112,0,25,250
  TM-U200B 27,112,48,25,250
  Other 27,112,48,55,121
IBM 4610 7
 Ithaca 150  27,120,1 
  Other  27,112,0,25,250 
 Samsung SRP 270  27,112,0,25,250 
  SRP 270A 27,112,0,64,240 
  SRP 270AP 27,112,48,55,121
  SRP 350 27,110,0,25,250
   Other 27,07,11,55,07 
Star TSP 100 7
  TSP 600
  TSP 700  27,07,11,55,07 
  Other  27,7,11,55,7 
Toshiba SX2100 27,112,32,55,255
  Other 27,112,0,100,250
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