Configuring a Serial Device on Windows (JPOS)

When connecting a serial device to a Windows machine with a serial port, the communication parameters need to be set correctly before the device can be used with Bluestore Live.

This topic assumes you have already installed a JavaPOS driver for your device - if not then please first browse the hardware section for an install tutorial for your hardware device make and model.

The screenshots are shown for Windows XP but the principle applies equally to Windows 7 and Vista. The windows user must have full administration privileges on the machine.

Serial communication uses several parameters that must be set the same on the device itself and in the windows port settings. The settings are:

  • baud rate / bits per second
  • data bits
  • parity
  • stop bits
  • Flow control / handshaking

1. First check the communication settings on the device.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to check the serial communication parameters on your hardware. Printers normally have a set of dip switches that are either on or off, a combination of which determines the communication settings. Scanners have default settings that can normally be changed by scanning a set of barcodes related to each parameter.

Note down the settings for your device - leave them at the factory default setting unless you have a particular reason to change them.


2. Configure the Windows port settings.

Plug the device into a spare serial port and turn it on.

Open device manager. This can be accessed by right clicking on My Computer and selecting 'properties' (or through the 'system' option in control panel) and navigating to the 'hardware tab'.

Click 'device manager'.



In the device manager, locate and expand the 'ports' section. There may be a number of virtual com ports listed and we need to find the one which your hardware has been allocated to automatically by windows.

Sometimes there will be a meaningful description, but often this is not the case so we need to do some detective work. If there is only one entry listed as 'Communications Port'  (this should be the case if you only have one serial port), then double click to open the settings and check the 'port settings' tab. Compare the settings to the ones on your printer and change them if necessary.

Note the COM port number that your serial device is connected to.




3. Continue with the Bluestore Live set up

Once you are happy with the settings, click ok and close down the device manager.

The device should now be ready for use with the terminal. Return to the install instructions and continue by selecting your device in hardware configuration and setting the properties by checking the correct COM port and the other serial communication settings.

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