Hardware Connection Overview

The Bluestore Live Point of Sale is designed to be used with the following external devices:

  • Touch screen
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Label printer

This section shows you how to connect each type of device with detailed instructions on installation. If we haven't yet tested your chosen combination of device / port / operating system, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work - give it a try and let us know your feedback. We've provided some general install instructions for hardware devices that are not currently fully supported. 


Touch Screen

The Bluestore Live terminal will work fine with a standard monitor and keyboard, however to get the best from the software we recommend using a touch sensitive screen. This gives the operator a much more usable interface, keeping transaction processing time to a minimum.

Any touch screen compatible with your computer should work successfully with the terminal as the screen interacts directly with the operating system, replacing the mouse point and click.

Install the screen as per the manufacturer's instructions and start the terminal normally. You should now be able to use the screen to fully process a transaction, instead of using the mouse.


Receipt Printer

Physical customer receipts and terminal reports are printed to a dedicated receipt printer. 

There are two methods of connecting a printer:

1) Print receipts to a local operating system printer

2) Connect a printer using JavaPOS/UPOS drivers

JavaPOS/UPOS is a POS industry standard for communicating with hardware peripherals, this allows any printer to be used providing it has a JavaPOS or UPOS driver for your chosen operating system. These drivers communicate directly with the printer at a low level, rather than through the operating system.

Printing through JPOS/UPOS drivers is generally faster and more reliable than using a printer installed in your operating system, they give better control of the cash drawer and more accurate barcode printing, but they can be quite tricky to get working so we recommend using an OS printer to start with and moving to JPOS later on if required. There are full step by step instructions for installing Epson and Star printers with JPOS drivers and we can help if you want to set up your printer in this way.

Browse the 'printer install' topics for tested devices in the hardware section of the knowledge base. 


Cash Drawer

The drawer holds cash, cheques vouchers and other payment methods securely while transactions are are being processed on the till. Bluestore Live supports the use of a cash drawer connected to the receipt printer. 

The cash drawer opens automatically when necessary to enable the operator to add or remove currency, or other payment method from the drawer.

Bluestore Live controls the points at which the drawer is opened and prompts the user to close it again afterwards - they must confirm they have done this before the transaction will continue.

The 'drawer open' process works by sending a control sequence to the receipt printer, which in turn sends a pulse to the cash drawer to trigger the mechanism.

Follow the instructions on how to install a printer controlled drawer for use with the Bluestore Live terminal.


Barcode Scanner

Using a barcode scanner, operators can increase the speed of data entry during a transaction - if the product's barcode reference is stored in the product master data on Bluestore Live, then a matching scanned barcode will automatically add the product into the transaction. Scanning the product more than once will increase the quantity.

The main methods of attaching a scanner to your computer are via USB, Serial port or 'keyboard wedge'. This involves inserting the scanner between the keyboard and the computer so that it emulates input to the computer as if it has come from the keyboard.

Most new scanners for retail applications are USB which is a good choice for use with Bluestore Live.

A scanner can be set up using JavaPOS drivers or simply as a keyboard emulator. The application listens for keyboard entry so a keyboard emulation scanner will work without any hardware settings being made.

Most USB scanners are set to keyboard emulation mode out of the box so you can normally just plug them in and they will work without any driver installation.

Browse the scanner install topics in the hardware section to find one suitable for your scanner and operating system. If we haven't added it yet, it may still work so take a look at the general install instructions for adding devices that are not officially supported.


Label Printer

A second printer can be attached to the Bluestore Live terminal in order to print barcode or price labels. The functions for printing labels can be turned on or off in the preferences.

Labels can either be printed in build through the stock menu or for a specific item during a sale. The label template can be amended to suit the user.

Install a label printer in exactly the same way as a receipt printer. If setting up a separate label printer with JPOS drivers, follow the instructions on the knowledge base. We can help if you run into problems. 

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